Simply put, Retrospective Appraisals are historical appraisals
that determine the value of a property at one or several points of time in the past.

Retrospective Appraisals determine a property's value in the past.Retrospective real estate appraisals, however, are anything but simple. Most often performed in the process of estate settlements in cases of death or divorce, preparing an accurate and defensible retrospective real estate appraisal entails a great deal of experience on the part of the appraiser. Property valuations must be determined according to market conditions on a specific date, including comparable sales, economic climate at that time, and many other factors, while ignoring market or condition changes that may have occurred at a later date. Compared to today's easily accessible information through the internet and other avenues, obtaining accurate records from several years in the past requires years of experience and training in the real estate appraisal business, USPAP certifications, and a good general knowledge of the history of the geographical location of the property in question.

The appraisers at R.A.S. Associates have the knowledge, training and experience to perform the challenging retrospective appraisals needed to aid in the settlement of estates due to a death in the family, divorce settlement, or any other purpose, and are ready, willing and able to provide expert testimony in court to confirm and defend the veracity of their findings.

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